About Me

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The Beginning...

     ATHUMANY began as a project in my best friend’s workshop, where I spent countless hours honing my skills in jewelry making. It was there that I took my first steps in the world of jewelry craftsmanship. I learned to recognize the precise hue of red that silver emits just before it reaches its melting point, transforming the piece I had meticulously worked on for days into molten lava.

    Many years have elapsed since those early days. I evolved into a skilled jeweler, crafting conventional pieces until a fateful trip to London altered my trajectory. While visiting a street market in Camden Town, I struck up a conversation with an elderly woman selling silver jewelry crafted by her husband. She confided in me that numerous customers requested cock rings, a product her husband adamantly refused to associate with, deeming them too risqué.

    And so, inspired by an unexpected source—an elderly lady—I found myself contemplating the concept of creating cock rings, despite my initial ignorance about their purpose and design. Determined to delve deeper into this unfamiliar territory, I immersed myself in extensive research and educational materials, preparing myself for the challenge ahead.

Mission, Vision, and Values of ATHUMANI


My mission is to empower individuals to explore their desires, enhance intimacy, and celebrate pleasure through meticulously crafted, luxurious erotic toys that prioritize quality, innovation, and discretion.


I strive to be a recognized destination for those seeking exquisite pleasure and uncompromising quality in their intimate moments.



I am committed to sourcing the finest materials and employing impeccable craftsmanship to ensure that each product meets the highest standards of quality and durability.


I continuously push the boundaries of design and technology to create cutting-edge products that deliver unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction.


I respect my customers’ privacy and prioritize discreet packaging and transactions to provide a safe and confidential shopping experience.


I believe in empowering individuals to explore their desires and embrace their sexuality without judgment, stigma, or shame.


I am dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact by implementing eco-friendly practices in our manufacturing processes and supply chain.

Made With Love And Made For Love

     My studio is nestled in the outskirts of sunny Valencia, Spain. In fact, it’s a co-working space where I collaborate with several artists: painters, ceramists, blacksmiths, as well as other jewelers. It is within this creative and artistic atmosphere that all Athumany designs are born.

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