Cockring Specifics.

Penis rings are primarily designed to restrict blood flow into the shaft of the penis. This restricted blood flow can help maintain a stronger erection, as well as make the wearer’s shaft and tip more sensitive to touch. So in other words, your restricted peen will over-sensitize ev-er-y-thing. But the benefits work for the girls too: The penis ring can aid a dude who tends to orgasm quickly or has difficulty maintaining an erection.

Depends on the type. It will be complicated to explain it just with words, but if you write in YouTube or Google “How to put a cockring” you will find a lot of videos. Don’t forget to use lubricant.

The cockrings size is their inner diameter. It is very important to choose the correct size for you, especially when you buy non flexible metal rings. Too tight cockring can cause disturbance of blood circulation in the penis. If you don’t know what your diameter is you can measure yourself using sewing flexible meter or a piece of rope. Just wrap it around the desired place where you want to put your cockring and tighten it to the desired pressure. Mark the length of the circumference. Diameter= circumference/3.13 If the mathematics is not your thing just text me the desired circumference and I will calculate it for you.

Yes, It will be a way easier!

If the item allows I can engrave some short texts by hand for free. Consult with me.

If you want to wear it just as a jewellery, on a nude beach for example, you better choose a cockring for behind the testicles. They will hold it well on place!

Hygiene and cleaning.

You can do it with soapy water, but use just your hands or soft cloth. Dishwashing sponge will scratch the silver ot the gold plating. Rub with fingers some toothpaste to remove darkening on the flat silver surfaces but don’t do it with the patinated models. Silver itself is antiseptic.

They pass ultrasonic cleaning with disinfectant.

I don’t accept returns for them and I don’t resell them.


I just put on trial models to make sure they fit well.

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I accept them only for my non intimate products. If I am guilty for your dissatisfaction (damage, wrong model, wrong size) I will cover shipping expenses too. Otherwise you need to cover your postage costs. I don’t accept returns for intimate products. For more information check my return policy or text me.

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