Shipping Details

Order processing times

The process of making an  item from my list takes up to two weeks from the date of the order. This time can be extended in case of unexpected problems like external companies delays(for some operations I use external companies), coronavirus lockdowns etc. In case of delay I will contact my customer and offer him/her cancellation and refund or other compensation.

Shipping methods and areas

Shipping in EU:

For Europe I offer free shipping using spanish public mail and their standard service with tracking number. It usually takes between one and two weeks for the delivery. I send a mail with the tracking number when it is issued. If my customers prefer quicker method of delivery I can offer DHL service for extra 25 euros for up to three items. This service usually takes a few days up to a week. For more information contact me.

Shipping out of EU

For shipping out of EU I set up DHL delivery which costs 25 euros and takes up to 10 days. I provide a tracking number active in the DHL tracking sistem. 

If my customers prefer free shipping I can offer them standard service of the spanish public mail, but my customers need to know that since COVID19 pandemy some destinations like USA or Australia may take more then a month. If this is your shipping method contact with me so I can give you an instruction how to get free delivery.



For return shipping you can check my return policy or contact with me.