Exclusive Silver Glans Ring With Sperm Stopper


  • Massive sterling silver
  • Sperm stopper
  • BDSM toy

This silver glans ring with a sperm stopper is a unique and specialized intimate accessory designed for those who wish to explore heightened sensations and control during sexual activities. It is made of sterling 925 silver with smooth comfourtable surfaces and elegant design.
It consists of a ring that encircles the glans (head) of the penis and a small plug that extends into the urethra. The sperm stopper is inserted into the urethra and acts as a barrier to prevent the release of semen during ejaculation. The hight of the arc of the stopper is approx 35-38mm and the stopper plug is 10mm wife but they can be changed if requested.

It is important to note that glans rings with sperm stoppers should be used with caution and only by individuals who are experienced with this type of stimulation. Proper hygiene, regular cleaning, and safe and consensual use are essential. If you are considering using a glans ring with a sperm stopper, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or an experienced practitioner to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


Production time will depend on how many orders I have in my list but I am trying my best not to extend it more than two weeks.

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You can do it with soapy water, but use just your hands or soft cloth. Dishwashing sponge will scratch the silver. Rub with fingers some toothpaste to remove darkening on the flat silver surfaces but don’t do it with the patinated part as toothpaste can remove the black oxidation. Silver itself is antiseptic so do not use chemicals because some of them may darken your ring.


Due to health and safety regulations all cock rings and other adult toys are not returnable. The only exceptions are manufacturer’s defects. I will exchange an item received with a manufacturer’s defect within 30 days of delivery for an identical item, or refund it. Contact with me for more information how to return your product.


18mm/0.71 Inch, 20mm/0.79 Inch, 22mm/0.87 Inch, 24mm/0.94 Inch, 26mm/1.02 Inch, 28mm/1.10 Inch, 30mm/1.18 Inch, 32mm/1.26 Inch, 34mm/1.34 Inch, 36mm/1.42 Inch, 38mm/1.50 Inch, 40mm/1.57 Inch, 42mm/1.65 Inch, 44mm/1.73 Inch


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