Hand Engraved Silver Ring “Bombe”


  • Hand crafted, hand engraved
  • 925 Sterling silver
  • Personalisation available

This handcrafted “Bombe” ring is made of 925 sterling silver and is customizable upon request. Hand-engraved with floral motifs, slight variations may occur in the pattern to accommodate my spontaneous inspiration, resulting in a unique piece that may differ from the photo. Personalizations such as logos, inscriptions, zodiac signs, or others may be considered and included if feasible. The ring is offered in a range of sizes, and if your preferred size is not available, feel free to reach out for further assistance.


The production time is contingent upon the current volume of orders in my queue. I strive to complete orders promptly and aim to keep the production time within a two-week timeframe. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated as I work diligently to fulfill each order.


I offer worldwide delivery through two shipping options:

  1. Free Shipping:
    • Typically, I utilize the Spanish public mail service, “Correos,” which may be switched to your local public mail service.
    • Delivery times range from 10-14 days within Europe to a few weeks for other continents.
  2. Paid Shipping:
    • I commonly use the services of “Zeleris.”
    • Delivery times are approximately 2-3 days within the EU and 3-6 days for other countries.
    • Alternative shipping methods can be discussed upon request.

Please note that I do not assume responsibility for delays caused by shipping companies.

Customers are responsible for any customs fees and taxes applicable in their respective countries. Feel free to contact me for any further inquiries or to explore alternative shipping methods.


I welcome returns within a 45-day period from the day of delivery for non-personalized rings, provided they are undamaged and free of any texts or names. If the lighter is personalized, returns are accepted only in the case of a manufacturing defect.

For additional details, please refer to the comprehensive Return and Refund Policy located at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions or require further clarification, feel free to reach out for assistance.


47 FR// H1/2 UK// 4 US, 48 FR// I1/2 UK// 4.5US, 49 FR// J1/2 UK// 5 US, 50 FR// K1/2 UK// 5.5 US, 51 FR/ L UK/ 5.75 US, 52 FR/ N UK/ 6.5 US, 53 FR/ N UK/ 6.5 US, 54 FR/ O UK/ 7 US, 55 FR/ P UK/ 7.5 US, 56 FR// P1/2 UK// 7.75 US, 57 FR/ Q UK/ 8 US, 58 FR/ R UK /8.5 US, 59 FR// R1/2 UK // 9 US, 60 FR/ S UK/9.5 US, 61 FR// T UK //9.75 US, 62 FR// T1/2 UK //10 US, 63 FR// U1/2 UK // 10.5 US, 64 FR// V1/2 UK //11 US, 65 FR// W1/2 UK //11.5 US, 66 FR// X UK //11,75 US, 67 FR/Y UK/12 US, 68 FR/Z UK/12,5 US, 69 FR/ Z+1 UK/ 13 US, 71 FR// Z+2 UK// 13 1/2 US, 72 FR/ Z+3 UK/ 14 US, 73.5 FR// Z+4 UK// 14 1/2 US, 74.5 FR/ Z+5 UK/ 15 US, Z+6 UK


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