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Hand Engraved Silver Ring “Spring Leaf”



This is unisex silver hand engraved ring with floral motifs. It can be personalised with a short text on the inner surface. The ring is available in various sizes. If a size is missing in my list just text me. This item arrives in a jewellery box. Returns are accepted.


47 FR// H1/2 UK// 4 US, 48 FR// I1/2 UK// 4.5US, 49 FR// J1/2 UK// 5 US, 50 FR// K1/2 UK// 5.5 US, 51 FR/ L UK/ 5.75 US, 52 FR/ N UK/ 6.5 US, 53 FR/ N UK/ 6.5 US, 54 FR/ O UK/ 7 US, 55 FR/ P UK/ 7.5 US, 56 FR// P1/2 UK// 7.75 US, 57 FR/ Q UK/ 8 US, 58 FR/ R UK /8.5 US, 59 FR// R1/2 UK // 9 US, 60 FR/ S UK/9.5 US, 61 FR// T UK //9.75 US, 62 FR// T1/2 UK //10 US, 63 FR// U1/2 UK // 10.5 US, 64 FR// V1/2 UK //11 US, 65 FR// W1/2 UK //11.5 US, 66 FR/X UK/11,75 US, 67 FR/Y UK/12 US, 68 FR/Z UK/12,5 US, 69 FR/Z+1 UK/13 US


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