Hand Engraved Silver Case for Clipper.


  • 925 sterling silver
  • Handmade collectible art piece
  • Personalisation possible.

Silver case holder for Mini Clipper Lighter engraved with floral motifs. It can be personalised if requested with a short text on the bottom of the case or by engraving something on the face. Every each lighter has different pattern so my customers can be sure that they possess unique piece of art.  It arrives with a lighter inside and once the gas finnish it can be filled up or replaced. The case itself is approximately 6omm long, 55-65 grams of massive silver. It can be a good gift for a smoker of cigarettes or cigars. If taken care of, it can practically last life long. The lighter arrives in a jewellery box.

Teturns are accepted for non personalised items or if they have manufacturing defect.

Clean your lighter with warm soapy water. Do not use abrasives or chemicals as they can ruin the surface.


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