Silver Cock Ring With Stretcher “Cockcuffs”


This dual cockring is made of silver and if requested I can make it with gold plating. The width of each ring is around 10mm and the thickness approximately 2-3mm. The angle between the rings is 60 degrees but can be changed if requested. You can use it on the shaft and the balls or on the shaft and behind the balls. It can be personalised with a short hand engraved text if requested.The ring comes in a box
If you can not find the right size in the options provided you can text me to request the desired one.

Penis rings are primarily designed to restrict blood flow into the shaft of the penis. This restricted blood flow can help maintain a stronger erection, as well as make the wearer’s shaft and tip more sensitive to touch.
So in other words, your restricted peen will over-sensitize ev-er-y-thing. But the benefits work for the girls too: The penis ring can aid a dude who tends to orgasm quickly or has difficulty maintaining an erection.

How to use a cock ring:
This ring is designed to be put on when the penis is flaccid or partially flaccid, with the erection sort of “growing” into it. The ring can be situated either in front of (good for beginners) or behind the testicles as well as underneath the glans. Keeping the ring behind the testicles can also help delay ejaculation.

If you are wearing a condom with the penis ring, put the ring on first, then, when the penis is fully erect, put the condom on second. “You don’t want the condom to be stretched over or under the ring, as the ring could pull on it and cause a potential rip.


Second Ring Diameter

30mm/1.18 Inch, 34mm/1.34 Inch, 38mm/1.50 Inch, 42mm/1.65 Inch, 46mm/1.81 Inch, 50mm/1.97 Inch


34mm/1.34 Inch, 38mm/1.50 Inch, 42mm/1.65 Inch


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