Silver Handmade Glans Ring “Spiral”



Silver glans cockring “Spiral” is a delicate piece of art with stimulating balls. The size is adjustable with a few millimeters +/- the diameter chosen. The inner surface is well polished. The form can slightly vary as every model is handmade to order.
The ring comes in a jewelry box.
Penis rings are primarily designed to restrict blood flow into the shaft of the penis. This restricted blood flow can help maintain a stronger erection, as well as make the wearer’s shaft and tip more sensitive to touch.
So in other words, your restricted peen will over-sensitize ev-er-y-thing. But the benefits work for the girls too: The penis ring can aid a dude who tends to orgasm quickly or has difficulty maintaining an erection.


24mm/0.94 Inch, 28mm/1.10 Inch, 32mm/1.26 Inch, 36mm/1.42 Inch, 40mm/1.57 Inch


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