Handmade Silver BDSM Ring


Item Description

One of my interpretations of the “Ring of O” made of sterling silver.

The Ring of O is a specially designed ring which has been worn as a distinctive mark among BDSM practitioners since the 1990s. Its use is relatively widespread within this subculture. Its name derives from the name of the central female character in the classic BDSM novel “Story of O” (written by Pauline Rèage), who was a sex slave and wore an analogous ring.

My customers can choose from wide range of sizes but if your desired size is not in my listjust contact me.

The ring is approximately 10-12mm wide and 1.5mm thick.

It comes in a jewellery box.

Shipping, processing times, customs


Production time will depend on how many orders I have in my list but I am trying my best not to extend it more than two weeks.


I deliver my products worldwide using two types of shipping:


Free shipping. Normally I use the Spanish public mail called “Correos” which will probably switch to your local public mail. It may take 10-14 days if you live in Europe or a few weeks if you live in another continent.

Paid shipping. I usually use “Zeleris”. Their service takes 2-3 days in EU and 3-6 days to any other country. If you prefer other method I am ready to discuss it.

I DO NOT take responsibility for shipping companies delays.


My customers are responsible for customs fees and taxes in their countries.


Cleaning this product.


You can do it with soapy water, but use just your hands or soft cloth. Dishwashing sponge will scratch the silver. Rub with fingers some toothpaste to remove darkening on the flat silver surfaces but don’t do it with the patinated part as toothpaste can remove the black oxidation. Silver itself is antiseptic so do not use chemicals because some of them may darken your ring.


Returns, refunds.
Returns and refunds are accepten within 30 days of delivery. Have a look at my Return policy.


47 FR// H1/2 UK// 4 US, 48 FR// I1/2 UK// 4.5US, 49 FR// J1/2 UK// 5 US, 50 FR// K1/2 UK// 5.5 US, 51 FR/ L UK/ 5.75 US, 52 FR/ N UK/ 6.5 US, 53 FR/ N UK/ 6.5 US, 54 FR/ O UK/ 7 US, 55 FR/ P UK/ 7.5 US, 56 FR// P1/2 UK// 7.75 US, 57 FR/ Q UK/ 8 US, 58 FR/ R UK /8.5 US, 59 FR// R1/2 UK // 9 US, 60 FR/ S UK/9.5 US, 61 FR// T UK //9.75 US, 62 FR// T1/2 UK //10 US, 63 FR// U1/2 UK // 10.5 US, 64 FR// V1/2 UK //11 US, 65 FR// W1/2 UK //11.5 US, 66 FR// X UK //11,75 US, 67 FR/Y UK/12 US, 68 FR/Z UK/12,5 US, 69 FR/ Z+1 UK/ 13 US, 71 FR// Z+2 UK// 13 1/2 US, 72 FR/ Z+3 UK/ 14 US, 73.5 FR// Z+4 UK// 14 1/2 US, 74.5 FR/ Z+5 UK/ 15 US, Z+6 UK


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