How To Use A Metal Cockring

How It Works

Cockrings are primarily designed to restrict blood flow into the shaft of the penis. This procedure help maintain a stronger erection, as well as make the wearer’s shaft and tip more sensitive to touch.
So in other words, your restricted peen will over-sensitize ev-er-y-thing. But the benefits work for the girls as well: The penis ring can aid a dude who tends to orgasm quickly or has difficulty maintaining an erection.

How to use a cock ring:
Metal cockrings are designed to be put on when the penis is flaccid or partially flaccid, with the erection sort of “growing” into it. The ring can be situated either in front of (good for beginners) or behind the testicles as well as underneath the glans. Keeping the ring behind the testicles can also help delay ejaculation.

If you are wearing a condom with the penis ring, put the ring on first, then, when the penis is fully erect, put the condom on second. “You don’t want the condom to be stretched over or under the ring, as the ring could pull on it and cause a potential rip.

In that post I explain how to put on a metal cockring behind your testicles.

Step By Step

1. First you pull through one of your testicles. Start with the one that is bigger.

2. Then you pull the skin or push from the other side so that both testicles get through. Lubricating your balls with a silicon based lubricant helps a lot.
Now the cock ring is around your balls and should not fall off easily. Actually you could use the cock ring like that already. Heavy rings like that are called ball stretchers.

3. Once both of your balls are through the cock ring you can work on your penis. This will NOT work with an erection though. Push your cock down, make it flat and stick the foreskin (if you got) through the ring. Now try to reach the skin (or your head) from the other side and pull. Keep you cock flat on the other side with your other hand. Depending on how tight the cock ring sits around your balls and how big your flacit penis is, this might be more or less easy. Although lubricating your cock and balls helps getting the cock ring on it might be a problem to get a good grip on your foreskin/cock head to pull it through. In this case use some cloth to get a better grip and pull harder.

4. Now you twist and turn the cock ring and pull the skin of your balls to get the ring as close to your body as possible. Using more lubricant is helpful.

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