How to clean my jewellery?

You can do it with soapy water, but use just your hands or soft cloth. Dishwashing sponge will scratch the silver ot the gold plating. Rub with fingers some toothpaste to remove darkening on the flat silver surfaces but don’t do it with the patinated models. Silver itself is antiseptic.

Do you accept returns and refunds?

I accept them only for my non intimate products. If I am guilty for your dissatisfaction (damage, wrong model, wrong size) I will cover shipping expenses too. Otherwise you need to cover your postage costs. I don’t accept returns for intimate products. For more information check my return policy or text me.

What If I choose wrong size cokcring?

I don’t accept returns for my intimate products if I am not responsible for the wrong size or a damage on the item. If the model allows resizing I can do this service for free but you will need to cover the shipping expenses. Consult with me for more details.