Handmade Silver And Enamel Nipple Shield Piercing “Ladybird”


  • Silver and enamel
  • Various sizes available if requested
  • Another colour combinations available

This cute Ladybird nipple piercing shields are made of sterling 925 silver, enamel and standard piercing stainless steel barbells 14 gauge. The enamel cloisonne is an old technique where pattern is made by silver or gold wire and is decorated with coloured glass powder which is melted on 800° until it sticks to the surface.

To fit the shield onto the nipple, first unscrew one of the balls from the barbell and remove the barbell from the shield. Next, place the shield over the nipple, fit the barbell through the small hole on one side of the rounder, then through the piercing, then through the small hole on the other side of the rounder. Finally, replace the ball by screwing it securely onto the barbell. The gauge of the barbell is offered in 1.6mm (14G) and the internal diameter of the shield is available in 10mm, 14mm and 17mm

The piercings are comming in a brown paper bag or jewelry box if requested.

Returns are not accepted for hygiene reasons unless the item is delivered with defects.

Clean my nipple piercings with soapy water. Do not use aggressie detergents.

Text me for any questions, I am open to discuss changes in design, size and materials.


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