Handmade Sterling Silver And Glass Enamel Ring


  • Authentic glass enamel
  • Sterling silver band
  • Shiny transparent colours
  • All sizes available

This ring is made of 925 sterling silver with the ancient “cloisonné” enamel technique where coloured glass powder have been made to paste with water and have been melted on the silver surface layer after layer on 900°C. The different colours are separated by silver strips of wire.


The ring is approximately 5mm wide but I can make it wider if requested.


The ring is available in various sizes but if your desired size is not there just text me.


Avoid hitting the ring on hard surfaces or edges.


You can request different colours then these on the picture and if I have them I will take on mind your preference.


Returns are accepted for this item within 30 days of delivery.


47 FR// H1/2 UK// 4 US, 48 FR// I1/2 UK// 4.5US, 49 FR// J1/2 UK// 5 US, 50 FR// K1/2 UK// 5.5 US, 51 FR/ L UK/ 5.75 US, 52 FR/ N UK/ 6.5 US, 53 FR/ N UK/ 6.5 US, 54 FR/ O UK/ 7 US, 55 FR/ P UK/ 7.5 US, 56 FR// P1/2 UK// 7.75 US, 57 FR/ Q UK/ 8 US, 58 FR/ R UK /8.5 US, 59 FR// R1/2 UK // 9 US, 60 FR/ S UK/9.5 US, 61 FR// T UK //9.75 US, 62 FR// T1/2 UK //10 US, 63 FR// U1/2 UK // 10.5 US, 64 FR// V1/2 UK //11 US, 65 FR// W1/2 UK //11.5 US, 66 FR// X UK //11,75 US, 67 FR/Y UK/12 US, 68 FR/Z UK/12,5 US, 69 FR/ Z+1 UK/ 13 US, 71 FR// Z+2 UK// 13 1/2 US, 72 FR/ Z+3 UK/ 14 US, 73.5 FR// Z+4 UK// 14 1/2 US, 74.5 FR/ Z+5 UK/ 15 US, Z+6 UK


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