Sterling Silver Glans Ring “Crown of Glory”


  • Enhance erection
  • 925 sterling silver
  • Various sizes


Introducing our mesmerizing Crown of Glory, a remarkable silver glans ring that exudes power and vitality! This elegant and understated metallic accessory stimulates your intimate area, akin to a majestic crown for your manhood.

Designed with precision, this toy features two spherical beads that delicately embrace the head of your penis, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Its purpose is to provide exquisite stimulation to your urethra and the entirety of your member. For maximum pleasure, consider pairing it with a cock ring, amplifying the sensations you can indulge in.

Before wearing the ring, apply a water-based lubricant to the surface of your glans to facilitate the dressing process. With care, position the ring on your shaft, ensuring a snug fit that remains comfortable throughout use. As time progresses, you’ll feel a surge of heat and an exhilarating rush, akin to a blissful state.

When you’ve derived the utmost satisfaction from your experience, it’s crucial to clean the device thoroughly. Gently wash it with mild soap and water, ensuring a meticulous cleanse. For added sterilization, consider using isopropyl alcohol, which quickly evaporates upon application. Dry the ring with a soft cloth or paper towel before storing it in a dedicated box, ensuring easy access whenever you desire its remarkable effects.

The ring is available in various sizes and also I am to discuss personalisations.
It comes in a jewellery box.
The shipping packaging is discreet with no brandname or any info for the content on it.


Production time will depend on how many orders I have in my list but I am trying my best not to extend it more than two weeks.

I deliver my products worldwide using two types of shipping:

Free shipping. Normally I use the Spanish public mail called “Correos” which will probably switch to your local public mail. It may take 10-14 days if you live in Europe or a few weeks if you live in another continent.
Paid shipping. I usually use “Zeleris”. Their service takes 2-3 days in EU and 3-6 days to any other country. If you prefer other method I am ready to discuss it.

I DO NOT take responsibility for shipping companies delays.

My customers are responsible for customs fees and taxes in their countries.


Due to health and safety regulations all cock rings and other adult toys are not returnable. The only exceptions are manufacturer’s defects. I will exchange an item received with a manufacturer’s defect within 30 days of delivery for an identical item, or refund it. Contact with me for more information how to return your product.


18mm/0.71 Inch, 20mm/0.79 Inch, 22mm/0.87 Inch, 24mm/0.94 Inch, 26mm/1.02 Inch, 28mm/1.10 Inch, 30mm/1.18 Inch, 32mm/1.26 Inch, 34mm/1.34 Inch, 36mm/1.42 Inch, 38mm/1.50 Inch, 40mm/1.57 Inch, 42mm/1.65 Inch, 44mm/1.73 Inch


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